Gary Numan Says Goodbye To Electronics

Just to let any other Gary Numan fans on here that he has just announced tour dates for October this year……

And he’s going all ACOUSTIC……

Yes you read that right……

Should be interesting……


Ooo… Sounds interesting. Might try and make it to the Birmingham Town Hall gig🤔

I will look out for sir - that’s the one I should be attending.

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He tweeted earlier today, tonight is his “1000th Gary Numan show”

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Yes he’s just done a 3 night stint in London as his 998, 999, & 1000th shows - then he’s touring the US with Ministry & Front Line Assembly before doing this acoustic thing!

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His latest electric bill must of been a bit of a shocker! :money_mouth_face:


Must be a short acoustic gig.
Now he’ll know are friends electric. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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He definitely should invite Bill Bailey - link to help with some specific instrumentation.

(Personally I think this is the greatest cover version ever recorded.)


Gary Numan is 13 days older than Gary Oldman.

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I’m sure I’d seen him do a cover version but that’s not the one I’ve seen - that’s top notch - found it Bill Bailey Cars - Guitar Cover - YouTube!

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