Gary Shivers on Jazz

Gary Shivers was a disc jockey on WUNC radio when I lived in North Carolina in 1979-1983. I lived an hour from the University of North Carolina during the Dean Smith period of basketball, and was there during the Michael Jordan years. They won the NCAA championship in 1983 and I moved on. But I never forgot Gary Shivers.

Gary did a two hour jazz show every Saturday morning. It is not hi rez but it is outstanding for his choice of music. We all learned so much from him. If you want to learn more about jazz in a well curated venue, check out these shows. You can listen online and bluetooth them to your car radio, streamer or DAC.

These are just a few of his great shows:

Gary passed away in 2019. I never knew he had been sick until I started this search. RIP for a great fan of the music.

He taught me most of what I know about jazz. And about an endless stream of obscure names like Carol Sloane, Tal Farlow, Richie Cole, Phil Woods, Clare Fischer, Gary Foster, Max Roach, Abbey Lincoln, and Nina Simone. Many with North Carolina connections.

I stream the online shows via bluetooth from my phone to my HugoTT2 DAC into the Nait50-Proac Tab10Sig. The small format feels like college radio. You could also stream them into your Naim streamer or MacMini. I hope and expect you will be pleased with the choice of music.

Gary Shivers, RIP.


Skip, I am not familiar with WUNC or Gary Shivers but will explore some of your interesting links.

I regularly listen to WRTI Jazz (from Philadelphia) and they have several presenters who are knowledgeable, informative and enthusiastic about jazz so I understand where you are coming from.

P.S. Alas I find these are not available to the UK.

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Thanks for the note. WUNC is the radio station for the University of North Carolina. Sorry that the links did not work. I understand that there are devices that will allow cross-border streaming and the like for music and movies, but I have not tried them. I could get the BBC with one, for example. I need to check that out.

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