Gen 1 Muso and Spotify on Naim App

I have lost the ability to access Spotify via the Naim app on my Gen 1 Muso. It no longer offers the option to open Spotify when you select Spotify on the Naim app. This works fine on my Qb2, Atom and NDX2. Everything is up to date - apps and hardware. Very reliable Orbi network. Everything else works fine on the Muso. Any idea as to how to fix this?

What happens if you just use the Spotify app instead of the Naim app?

Works fine via Spotify app. However …

Just wondering why the app behaves differently for the Gen 1 product?

Naim support have informed me the Gen1 MuSo is too old to be that clever so access via Spotify only remains.

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The Naim app will just redirect you to the Spotify app in any case, so I’m not sure why this would be an issue?

The Naim doesn’t redirect you to Spotify on Gen 1 as I state above. This is the issue.

Yes, but if you want Spotify you should go to the Spotify app and select the Muso there. Opening the Naim app first is unnecessary.

Thanks Chris but you miss my point entirely. I can of course access Spotify on the MuSo1 via the Spotify app. My question, which Naim support answered was why can’t I access Spotify via the Naim app like I can with my Qb2, Atom and NDX2? The answer is the MuSo1 is unable to do this. So be it, if a tad disappointing.

Spotify Connect is the only way to play music from Spotify no matter what device you are using. It’s Spotify’s modus operandi not Naim’s.

But with above Gen1 level you get directed to Spotify easily. Not with Gen1.

If you are using Spotify though you don’t need the Naim App. And if you are in the Naim App just close or minimise it and go to Spotify.
Or am I missing something.:thinking:

As I stated in my first post I am just pointing out that the Naim app behaves differently on Spotify for the Gen1 MuSo. I was wondering why. Naim support informed this is due to it being too old as it has an older streaming board is not clever enough to change. Fine. But disappointing it cannot behave in the same manner as the later product.
Opening and playing music from the Spotify app has never been the problem. I was just querying the different app behavior for different Naim product in the hope that there is a cure or Naim could fix it. Support have told me they cannot. That’s ok

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