General Flashman's audio advice

1/ The best upgrade you will ever have is getting your ears syringed.
2/ The second best upgrade is listening to music on a terrible system so it will sound like heaven when you return to your usual system.
3/ Stop auditioning hi-fi for your house and start auditioning houses for your hi-fi.

  1. Only if your ears are blocked. Better would be gave your ears tested, cleared if blocked then re-tested, and if hearing loss is evident get good quality hearing aids.
  2. only very temporary.
  3. As auditioning other houses is likely impossible, better would be audition to find the best room in the house you have, then audition acoustic treatment for it.

While I enjoy a bit of pedantry as much as the next pedant I feel you have not quite grasped the spirit of my post.


I got the fact that while the second and third of yours were patently nonsense in real terns, the first could be very valid in some instances/for some people…!

Of course another instant upgrade could be listen to different music!

I think it was meant to be humorous…

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I know!

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Nonsense is a contradiction in itself since at the moment something seems to be nonsense, it is usually of utmost importance.

Hence I value the Generals point 2 and 3 highly.

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And how many angels are dancing on the head of this pin that I’m holding?

I’m just trying to imagine 3: When house hunting, having, as always, on paper checked that there is a room that looks suitable for a music room, make an appointment through estate agent and turn up in large car, to proceed lugging out a pair of large, heavy speakers, amp that likewise requires two people to carry, then rearranging furniture, running REW to confirm best initial positioning, re-siting sofa accordingly, and then playing a selection of music. All of course before looking at the rest of the house because music is the most important consideration…Actually sounds like fun! (For me, that is) :grin:

Ah, but which end is the head ?

It’s Grahams twin brother who has hacked his account. I doubt whether the full meaning of the word ‘pin’ is to be disclosed here.

Anyhow need to go back to work.

Not even angels could dance on the pointy end.

I’m more interested in how many angels are swimming on the head of my pint…

However the pointy end is the head :sewing_needle: go on, look it up, I know you want to :slight_smile:

You’re plain wrong there, not that it matters to me.

The hole end is the eye, so it makes sense to me. Not many rich people up there.

And I think how many angels frugging on the point was precisely the…er, point of the scholarly debate.

Must have been the ancient theologians’ version of a cables thread… :wink:

That’s a needle! A pin has a point at one end and a head af the other…

Ah, silly me. Pins ‘n’ needles…doh…

Or Needles n Pinsah.


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