Genesis 1972 to 1975 new album

V2 records with EMI will release an album of tracks that were deemed to long and complex to make Foxtrot, Selling England and the Lamb lies down. Scheduled for Spring 2024, sounds interesting.
Info from Bill at Dynaudio👍


As you say, sounds interesting, though possibly odd out of the context of the rest of the albums, especially Lamb - though if good and fitting they could be slotted in into the albums by people streaming from their own stored files. I wonder why they have not seen the light if day before now - of course, they might simply be rejects that would be better left that way!

Do not actually know, but perhaps getting EMI and Branson’s V2 label to agree to
look for the lost tapes and co-sell took the time?

Richard Branson, owner of the label V2 Records has announced that in March 2024, and following an agreement with EMI Records will be jointly released by both records a Genesis album with unreleased material from the 1972-1975 period. It seems that the reason that all this material, consisting of 6 long-running tracks, was not released at the time, lies in the fact that they are songs of extreme complexity and there was a certain fear that they would discontone in the content of some discs that were finally left already very round like Foxtrot, Selling and The Lamb.
Some sources claim that even one of those unreleased tracks, called “Unicorn Heart”, with a 17-minute duration, had certain similarities to “The Revealing Science of God: Dance of the Dawn” from the Yes Tales From Topographic Oceans record and that due to its excessive complexity and duration did not it was considered to be included in the early Genesis albums, and was eventually forgotten, along with 5 other tracks.
Hopefully they will be released next March and we will be able to enjoy them.


A rare release to which to look forward…

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