Genesis - Seconds Out Tour

A boozy bank holiday post into this section.

Seconds Out is the best live album. Its just ‘the best’ live album. Period! Name a live album with musicians that can trump this level of genius!?

I prefer Seconds Out live renditions of Cinema Show and Firth of Fifth in comparison to the studio tracks on Selling England By the Pound. The fact that they can deliver this live is just immense.

Have a great bank holiday everyone!


Thanks, yes I agree. One of the great live albums. I prefer the live versions of those tracks too!

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Well, there’s the Steve Hackett concert - Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds Out & More on Bluray, which is rather superb :sunglasses:

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You could check out Magenta’s We are Seven: Live 2018. A great albumn with sound quality better then most studio albums.

The “best”??

I presume you mean the best Genesis live album.

Otherwise, where would one start?

Agreed again! I enjoy all of these Steve Hackett albums. I think he has the balance just right and his band’s performances of all the Genesis material is top notch, the classic songs and also tracks you didn’t get live back in the day such as ‘Can Utility and the Coastliners’ and of course ‘Blood on the Rooftops’!

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Quoted from comments on Yootoob.
“This song sums all up the 70’s progressive rock in less than 5 minutes”

Can’t argue with that. Always been my favourite track from Foxtrot.

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Did they mean that in a positive way or the sneering way of somebody who just doesn’t understand the 70s?

@joy_boy I think you’ve pulled the pin on this grenade of a conversation. There’s a LOT of really great live material. Seconds Out is one of my absolute favourites and the second album I bought (and the album I’ve bought the most since) but the other posts on here are not wrong. If I venture into the back catalogues of Yes, Peter Gabriel, Supertramp, Rush or even Genesis themselves (sticking broadly with the genre) there’s a lot of competition and then if I think about the names already set out by others and add John Lee Hooker, BB King, The Beatles, Depeche Mode and countless others to the mix….well you can see where I’m going :grinning:

Good point. Dunno.

Curiously, Seconds Out is one of the very few Genesis albums that I don’t have, either CD or LP………I’d better rectify that; forward to AMZ, my man, and don’t spare the horses!

Genesis, Seconds Out, is up there, though poorly recorded.
I also love ELP’s Welcome Back My Friends, in its remixed form.
And Jethro Tull, Live–Bursting Out.

But THE greatest live album is of course Rory Gallagher, Irish Tour '74…

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