Getting a beep when turning on system

Running a CD2, 82, 250 , XPS and a NonNaim “Hicap” PSU replacement. Noticed some distortion on one channel tonight so swapped cables over and distortion ended up on other channel. Tried a disc through an OPPO SACD player and same thing happening so pulled all the cables out and replaced and that point the beep started. Checked cables and they all see to be in correctly.
My thoughts are it looks like a fault in my 250 so will probably get that and my 82 serviced at the same time.
Unless of course any of you guys have a different idea.

So apart from the bleep when turning on…is the distortion gone now?

Distortion appears gone but it has now turned into a beep every 2-3 seconds.

Can you confirm you are using Naim interconnects? It almost sounds like you have some sort of instability possibly brought about by using in appropriate cables perhaps brought on by a change in your environment. Failing that it is a conversation with your dealer I think.

A beep sounds like the kind of thing you get when you accidentally remove a SNAIC with the system powered up. I would re-check the cabling.

Been using AR sound cables for years but going to strip system down today and clean everything and check everything.

I have a ton of spare cables so can change them over as well just in case of a break as I will mutli test all cables as well.

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