Getting Bluetooth to SuperUniti

SuperUniti before BT … Can i use Bluetooth dongle in USB socket and stream fromm phone etc just for when browsing dreaded youtube mainly

The USB input has limited functions, and just about works with iPhones and USB sticks, so I suspect it won’t work with a Bluetooth dongle. Probably best to get one with an optical digital output.

You could use a device like an Arcam rBlink. It’s a high quality bluetooth receiver and has both analogue and digital outputs. Or else just connect the iPhone via the supplied cable through the USB socket.

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I used to use the Arcam miniblink with a previous system. Sounds fantastic and has a really good range. Doesn’t have an optical or digital out but still well worth a try.

Thankyou very helpful, at least i now know what to look for… as it is not an iphone (yay) i will be going the other suggested route…

I use a Logitech Bluetooth module fed into my Naim preamp. It is connected to an Amazon FireTV and used for playback of YouTube channels. In my case mainly obscure German music from the 70’s.

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