Getting Morgana interconnect

I will be getting the Morgana for my NDX 2 to my 252. Can I confirm it is the 180 degree 5-PIN variant. Also I think someone mention Naim standard cable length is 1.25m. Is there a problem if I get a 1m cable in length for source interconnect that I see Witch Hat offer?

Yes, or as they call it, source.
Will be interested in how you find it, as i have the mono cables and phantom and was looking at replacing my hiline with the morgana.
Just incase you dont know the morgana cables come with a much nicer looking outer than the brown in the pics, its black and white chequered looking

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Good to know @Dunc. I was actually liking the dirt brown look on the picture :thinking:

I was planning on getting the 1m - 5 pin 180 deg cable as well. Going from my NDX to SN2 replacing the standard lavender supplied with the NDX. Sometime in January…

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Oh gosh pardon my taste. Was actually preferring the brown uniformed coloured cable.

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I’ve just bought Morgan’s DIN-XLR cables between 272 and 300DR. Replaced std Witchhat cables.
First impressions are better soundstage and clarity.
Early days but impressed so far.
Come in a lovely box too!!

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Considering trying Morgana interconnects too. Already have Phantom which I felt was, at the least, no worse than A5 sound wise, but easier to use. Will be interested to hear how you get on.

Hi @Gsr is the cable brown color as shown in the website or is it chequered black and white as mentioned by @Dunc?

I’ll be interested in your thoughts. I have HiLine between NDX2 and 252.

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Black & white chequed

Not the best of pics but the Morgana cables are the chequed ones!


Maybe is just me, I don’t find the cable handsome looking. But for sure is the sound that is important and at the back, so no issue.

They are a nice quality when you actually get one in your hand, i much prefer the look over the brown.
But as said they are not really seen anyway

yeah, i like it more than hi-line too!Seems it s shielded better, makes sound a little clearer

Any more thoughts on Morgana cables? I’m considering giving the XLR ones a try but as I’ll need three it’ll be a bit pricey. I know I can return them if not satisfied but I’m lazy about that so hovering on the fence at the moment.

I’m using the xlr din and I’m liking mine sound good was also getting the rca /din and interconnect… But they witch hat sent 2 wrong cables and I’m waiting on a power…

I am also considering the DIN-XLR for my 300DR, but they are a bit more pricey to US and I don’t want to deal with returns across the pond.

Go for it guys, i use the phantom and mono xlr’s on my 500dr, fantastic value, quality and a nice improvement

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They are increddible good, installed them between N272 an NAP300 DR. Give them some weeks to burn in and you will be flabbergasted. What a difference, what a detail, this is really good stuff, value for money! Thank you Naim for the super equipment, and thank you Witch Hat for the super interlinks! The perfect combination!!!

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