Getting rid of unnecessary QNAP apps

Hi, I’d like to delete any unnecessary apps from my QNAP server as I’d like the resources of the QNAP be only dedicated to HiFi playback and maintenance of the QNAP and OS. My fear is that I delete something that is necessary to the ops of the QNAP/HiFi.

With that in mind can I get rid of any of these apps? I’d rather not have the QNAP resources, updates, CPU, etc, devoted to these apps. thanks in advance.

I very much doubt that you’ll hear any benefit from deleting unused apps, as long as you can just stop them running. (Even then, I’m not sure how much you’ll really gain, but at least you’ll have peace of mind knowing that there is no unnecessary extra workload.)

I’m not sure how QNAP program (app) storage works, but uninstalling programs that are not used on Synology does help with CPU & RAM load. The programs are removed & retained in the Package Center, ready for use if required in the future
But that aside my GUI (‘pooter screen) is a darn sight less cluttered that the OP’s screen shots.

If in doubt, you can disable them first rather than removing.

If you’re using the NAS for purely music streaming, don’t bother with automatic backups, manually backup every week or so.

I don’t actually backup the NAS. I download or rip to a folder on my PC, then use Netbak replicator to search for new files in that music folder and copy to the NAS, which I then stream.

Ok, thanks, I wasn’t sure how much of a resource hog the nonessential apps are but I’d like to disable them if they’re not necessary. I don’t want to bother with updates and such either. I just can’t tell how many of these apps I need. Many are from a recent QNAP security release so not sure what impact they have on CPU either.

In my experience stopping them does improve sound quality, as does only running one music server.

Yes you do, unless you are fine with unpatched security holes allowing hackers to the QNAP, and installing software more insidious than the built in programs you’re worried about. Negative affects to hifi streaming quality might be the least worrisome issue with the QNAP after that.

When I got a dedicated NUC for Roon with internal storage for my music library, I disconnected my QNAP from the network and shut it down for that very reason, so I don’t have to bother with keeping it secured with updates.

I only want to get rid of apps I don’t need. If the app is part of the QNAP security protocol I won’t be turning it off. I was hoping someone would know which apps I don’t need in the pic I posted. If my current apps aren’t a significant drain on CPU resources or tasks then I can leave them as is.

You should be good to disable/remove the following

Multimedia Console
Music Station
SSD Profiling Tool (assuming you have no SSD’s)

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Thanks, I was wondering if I needed those or not. I’ll disable them.

I have 2 music servers on my QNAP - Minim and Asset - are you saying that removal of one of these will improve sound quality? I don’t get it …

It doesn;t matter if they are both installed, but you may find (as I did) that having only one running ata time results in a very slight lift in sound quality (particularly clarity, timbre and microdynamics)

I use QBoost on my QNAP NAP because:

“With Qboost you can easily optimize your system, clear unnecessary files, and manage your applications to help avoid situations where your NAS runs slow or becomes unresponsive.”

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