Getting the best of CDX2 with Non Naim

Hello Hifi fans

So my CDX2 finally found its way back in my bedroom. His new colleagues can be: Sudgen A21 SE Signature (int) or Sudgen HA-4 (pre) or Exposure 3010 s2d (pre) with my new Musical fidelity M6 Prx SE power amp. RCA Cables could be wireworld Eclipse 7 and Luna 7, speaker cables: Audioquest Rocket 33 or Naim Naca 05. Speakers: B& W CDM 1.

Now I found out similarities from the sound of CDX2.2 with XPS2 non DR, to the sound when the bass pads taken out of the CDM 1.

Results is more bass, for me a disbalance in sound and the hi-hat sound becoming too precise, with not enough body. So for the 1st time now I listen to the CDX2.2 without XPS2 and I prefer the sound as more natural, but of course less bass and less 3d live Naim sound.

It’s connected with Chord red cable golden Din 5 pin to RCA cable. Now I read that I could try to connect the CDX2 with a BNC cable to the Naim NDac connected to the XPS2.

So I want to buy a Ansuz BNC - BNC = BNC - digital RCA cable, as my Sudgen Dac-4 has no BNC input.

Now I’m thinking about a Naim CDS3 but then again I need the XPS2 to drive it. As my fuses of the apartment blows when firing up the XPS2, I’m sad that the CDS3 can’t be played without a power supply.

Is this the way to go to give my CDX2 all possible chances to make fun playing Rock. I do not like a drumset sound which sounds too ‘filigrane’.

But the musical Sudgen lacks the Naim Prat.
So I’m trying to combine.
Can’t be that I hav3 to listen

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