Gimme Shelter... And Then the Neck Fell Off

And then the neck fell off…

According to Keef, the guitar he was using (*) on the original recording of Gimme Shelter, fell apart, right at the end…

If you listen you can hear a ‘ker-ching’ sound at around 4min 22 seconds…

[* - an Australian-made Maton SE777, a large single-cutaway hollowbody guitar, which he had previously used on Midnight Rambler ]

Backing Vocals - from session singer, Merry Clayton.

What a great song… :slightly_smiling_face:


I was under the impression that Nanette Workmen did the female vocals on Gimme Shelter. I saw her in concert a few years ago and she mentioned it. Who knows. Probably only the engineer.
Agree. It’s a terrific track and has to be played loud.

Multiple reports say it was Merry Clayton - as she does, in interviews…

Wasn’t she on You Can’t Always Get What You Want billed as Nanette Newman.


Looks like it… Same LP, though. LIB.

“Mistakenly credited as Nanette Newman, Workman sang backing vocals on You Can’t Always Get What You Want and Country Honk (the acoustic precursor to Honky Tonk Women, tracks from The Rolling Stones 1969 album Let It Bleed (she’s credited as Nanette Newman, and some have confused her with the British actress married to director Bryan Forbes)”

I stand corrected. I guess she wishes she was.

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IMO, Merry Clayton nailed it. She says she did only 2 takes…?

Live, the Stones had Lisa Fisher up to 2015, then Sasha Allen from 2016 onwards. Having seen YouTube versions, I think Sasha tries too hard… Lisa was better… IMO…

Sorry for starting a thread creep. Back to the topic. Any idea why the neck broke. It is not as if it is a common occurrence.

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One report says the Neck Pickup fell out…?

Its said to be a hollow body guitar - an Australian made Mayton SE777 - Richards describes it as a Chuck Berry style guitar - so like a Gibson 355…?

Maybe Keef just pushed it too far…??

Not As Strong As A Telecaster.

All valid. Its a great song…!! (IMO… YMMV…)

More Gimme Shelter trivia is welcome…!!

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YouTube just offered me this cover of Gimme Shelter…
With Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks…
That will do me… :smiley:

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A recent metal take - very apocalyptic -

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