Gin, oh my

My daughters bought my wife and I a ‘Gin Experience’ in London at the Skylon in the Festival Hall. Golly.

Amazing. First a gin tasting, ‘gin expert’ from Spain - all different sorts, with different mixers and fruit - each with a different story/history and tasting quite different, but all lovely. Great experience, with all the time in the world.

Then a lovely 3-course lunch to follow in London’s Skylon restaurant.

Oysters, steak, chocolate, cheese, wines, a specific (and striking) sherry to go with the 5 English cheeses, and after a 10-minute chat about the options and what I liked with the sommelier - who not surprisingly really knew his stuff!

Lovely, lovely afternoon, arranged by Virgin Experiences.

Highlight, in a day of highlights, was the soft Yorkshire cheese, didn’t catch the name, and the accompanying sherry.


Ooh, I have a voucher to use up. Might check that out…Cheers!

We’ve eaten at the Skylon, and the food is delicious!

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