Glass added to the support table

I’m considering separating my boxes from the Isoblue surfaces with glass sheets each with it’s own triumvirate of rubberised (in the case of the two top boxes, “cup and ball” type) supports.

Question is, will standard window glass do it or should I try and source some sort of “specialised” material?

Cant advise re glass, but too much isolation can be counter productive. You already have extra feet under your lovely units. Naim invest alot of time and money in the isolation elements of their products. What is your system missing that makes you tempted to now add glass supports if I may ask?

The latest free upgrade was tightening up the speaker cone screws following a discussion that I followed on the Forum, something I hadn’t considered since I bought my ATC SCM19’s three years ago. You can imagine my subsequent surprise.

Another thread in which Richard Dane was discussing the functionality of NDX2 support feet made me think of how, despite the optimal design of the feet, NAIM also offer the glass-based FRAIM to add SQ improvement and I was musing about an addition to my Isoblue that would offer further improvement by following the same principle.

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The Fraim is designed to work as a combination of glass, steel and wood. The Isoblue is designed differently, with the relatively loose fitting supporting legs. Adding glass won’t necessarily improve it, but will make it sound different. The Fraim uses 10mm toughened glass. People who have added it to other stands tend to use the Fraim balls and cups, or balls with nuts, and not anything with rubber. I’d be inclined to leave well alone and also to remove the add ons that you are using now. Keep it simple and don’t get drawn into tweaker’s paradise. The Isoblue is a fine support, just as it is.

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I would guess you would need some kind of toughened glass. If you are looking for greater isolation, I would be tempted to avoid glass altogether and buy a dedicated platform from the lines of Townsend or Symposium. I had a Symposium custom made for my D’Agostino amplifier, and it works great.

You must use toughened glass.
The glass supplier will offer different edge finishes & colour tints.
Naim glass is 10mm, 8mm is OK.

As HH says, not sure it’ll make much difference.

Just did a comparison by taking out the top level “cup and ball” separators.

I’ve always assumed that as a general rule “more separation good, less separation bad” should be painted on the end wall of the HiFi Farm barn for all us sheep to bleat out on a daily basis.

So removing the feet just felt anti-intuitive, but blow me! A sudden obvious improvement in “weight” and detail.

Thanks Fishy. Now proceeding to remove the rest of the additional feet. :smiley:

(Note: Test track is “Cherokee Morning Song” by Walela).


I used to use a Franke glass chopping board under a CDS2, a definite improvement over placing the CDS2 directly on the cabinet.

Similar to this.

Athough, the CDS2 has metal feet and internal suspension, which I don’t think your equipment has.

If it doesn’t work, give the choppong board to your wife for Christmas. :grinning:

Begone with you, forsooth.


You’re welcome. :wink:

Having tried cups and balls, rubbery feet, glass and granite as supports, I’d say:-

  1. Changes may seem big, but actual improvements are usually small.

  2. A Fraim is designed as a unit, as other say. Cups and balls out of context are IMHO at least as likely to make things worse as better - yet others have found them good in some situations. I have a set unused if you want to borrow some…

  3. Systems, rooms, max usual volume (and how often your preferred music has huge bass), where the hi-fi is relative to seat and speakers, and how critically you listen all matter more than extra isolation most of the time. They also mean that what works for one exact situation may be pointless for another.

  4. My Superline, 52 and CDS2 are on rubbery feet and granite, after much listening- Sometimes, improvements are possible. The other boxes don’t. Getting that right was downright annoying, but I didn’t fancy wasting money where no-one could ‘hear a difference’, just for visual uniformity.

So please don’t expect miracles and do be sceptical about initial impressions, but some cheap experimentation looks very sensible.

Good luck!

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Just had a look at your profile.

My reccommendation for “Things To Do”:

Electric Mountain Biking. Start in the Surrey Hills.


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That’s great, Mike. Naim do go into huge detail in testing all their stuff, the isolating feet being no exception. Part of the design of stands and equipment is how the vibrations go to ground, and as you’ve found, too much can be a bad thing. In your case you were directly coupling the case to the stand, which seems like the opposite effect but who knows? It doesn’t matter either way.

I went to someone’s house once and they had all sorts of wooden cones supporting their CDX2, again bypassing the feet. I took them all out and it sounded considerably better. There is a whole industry out there selling funny little supports for use in systems that really don’t need them. In your case, you now have a free upgrade and can eBay the feet to someone who thinks they will improve things. Nice result.

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I‘ll try this with my BFly Audio platform :joy:

The Surrey Hills tend to be connected for activity with my girlfriend’s dog, and being on a bike tends to mean Triumph, so not sure about electric biking but thanks for the idea - it may grow.

In the meantime, I do like the idea of gyrocopters - cheap and fun, can go to places otherwise hard to reach, and you are comparatively unlikely to be crippled or killed. for some reason, it is still on the To Do list, not the Tried It list.

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Plus, you get to pretend to be 007.



I’m not sure that your argument holds water here. Some years ago there were forum members experimenting with ‘ball nutters’, which consisted of a ball bearing sitting in a nut, to support and isolate their gear. Many posted positive results after trying this. It was after that when Fraim was released with a suspiciously similar form of support under each shelf.

Absolutely, hence the rest of my sentence.

For me, lots of experimentation and as near as I could get to blind testing was always worse with cups and balls, though also obviously different. I certainly don’t assume that those for whom it works well are all mistaken.

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If you want a free effective tweak just clean all your cable contacts every few months. Did mine yesterday and wow! Gets me every time.