Global Chip Shortage

And not the kind that go with fish, had to get that out of the way since happy halibut was bound to opine.

No I speak of the electronic type of chips. I’ve been waiting almost two months for a Chord Dac and it only takes one part to stall the works. Anyone else waiting for anything that seems to be taking extra time to get?

Pity the auto makers they have cars they can’t build because of this shortage. I think I remember it was a big fire at a Samsung factory that’s causing the shortage

I’m waiting for my brokerage account to recover from this chip shortage.

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This has actually been discussed endlessly here over the last few months. See various threads about delays to Naim deliveries etc.

Thanks David. I think I’ve got it now

Bear in mind that there’s a shipping capacity crisis right now with long delays and record shipping rates as a consequence (rates are 3 times what they have been previously). Shipping companies held off purchasing new vessels and retired old ones last year and so when orders spiked this year there just wasn’t enough capacity to cope.

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Toyota announced it will cut production of new cars down by 60% . There was a fire at a Renesas (Japan) chip making factory last year. Though it looks like they are back on board, no pun intended.

There was also a fire at the main AKM (Asahi Kasei) factory in Japan, this one especially affects the pro-audio market:

Industrial sabotage!

Hi opus
Ordered ATC Scm 40 speakers 28 June still waiting for them ATC are waiting for magnets for drive units hopefully end August. My hi fi dealer informed me of the delay and also said a few customers had waited an extra month for some speakers and the delay was cardboard. The wait continues normally ATC are around 4 -6 weeks

Wifi products is the current big issue.

We’re being quoted next Easter for new stock. This is 11ac products. The excuse given is the Chinese factories switched en-masse to 11ax chipsets, expecting everyone to rush out and dump their perfectly working 11ac products. This hasn’t happened… basically 11ax doesn’t offer any worthwhile advantage for the typical home or small business user… tbh I don’t really now who needs 11ax! Anyway, what ever the reason, there’s a massive shortage of 11ac products. I know of Ubiquiti distributors that have back orders going back to the start of the year with still no promised supply date.

Now the latest one is 4G/LTE modules… as used in 4G routers etc… Qualcomm, that supply something like 90% of all LTE modules are quoting 48 weeks for new orders! We’re being told give as much notice as possible to ensure supply.

We’re trying to get Toyota Hybrid Camry’s for our fleet at work and the current orders are for May 22 delivery now… the only EV/Hybrids that we can get reliably at the moment oddly enough are Tesla’s…

Volvo has shut down their factory in Sweden for the third time now due to component shortage… One single component lacking and you cannot build and complete a product.

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I was working at a plastics factory in the early seventies, our failure to provide a certain product nearly stopped a full production run at BL , we were having difficulties with raw materials for causes similar to today.

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