Going Active with Naim Speakers Only

Hi All,

My system currently comprises a Teddy Pardo PR1 pre-amp and 2 MB100 Monoblocks driving Intros. I recently upgraded the speakers to Allaes and it got me thinking of slowly ‘going active’ over the next couple of years. I think the Teddy Monoblocks punch well above their weight so I would like to get two more and a SNAXO 242 + PSU. The problem then is that all the connections into and out of the 242 would be non-din. Would this work and has anyone done it before? Do Naim sell the required cables?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Regards John

Hi John, you’ll need to use DIN4-RCA interconnects. Probably best would be Naim’s own or something suitable from Chord as the SNAXO can be easily pushed into instability otherwise.

Note I have edited your post slightly as discussion of unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment (non-Naim power supplies used on Naim equipment in this case) is strictly forbidden here.

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No problem, thankyou very much for your help Richard.