Goldnote Donatello Red

Greetings to everyone.
Has anyone owned a Goldnote Donatello Red???
If so, could describe the sound character, build quality & after how many hours it needs replacement???
Thank you in advance.

I have one but can’t really comment on it compared to other carts or about its longevity. I bought a Mediterraneo with the cart and it certainly sounds good.

How would you describe the sound signature of the cartridge?
Also how long you own it & did you face any issues?

Can’t comment on sound signature because I have no cartridge to compare to. The deck with this power supply (standard smps), arm and cart is combatting NDS/555PS DR. It’s not as good all around but not far from and if you ad the power supply and a good power cord it really challenges the NDS. I’ve had it for approximately 2 years come November and it was a demo cart so would guess it’s 3 years. I have no clue how many records it has played. Hope that helps.

Asked my dealer. He says it’s a bit like Linn adikt but is more dynamic and has higher resolution.

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