Good CD player match for a CB setup?

Hello all, new here (and new to the Naim world in general)!

I have admired Naim from afar for years, but I finally acquired a modest group with a CB 32.5/250/SNAPS, plus a 110 that I might eventually utilize for a second setup. LPs make up most of my listening, but I do occasionally play a CD. What’s a relatively affordable, reliable, and maintainable CD deck that matches well with the older gear? Thanks!


Others will have more specific recommendations, but I like the idea of going for something from a similar period as your CB kit - s/h, obviously.

Maybe a Marantz CD63 mk2 KI Signature? A bit after the CB era, sure, but it was a good player.


Rega Apollo Perhaps ? something like 15 years ago, had one into Nait 3 for a while and found very sweet and “analog” also it’s a good match with half size CB s


A Naim Cdi would be a great match for the ‘period’ of equipment that you have, but it may be difficult to track one down with the transport mech intact. A chat with some established Naim dealers may yield something.

The equipment that you have bought may benefit from a trip back to Salisbury for service/re-cap, unless this has been done recently.

More expensive than Rega but visually a good match?

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Or this?

Get a Naim CD3. It’s great fun snd perfect for a CB system. The CDM9/44 is one of the best and most reliable mechs ever made and easily replaced if need be. Best of all, CD3s are plentiful and comparatively cheap for a Naim CD player.


Or even a CDS3, which is black and so matches quite well. A bit more money but worth it.


A CDS3 is lovely but not so affordable and if it’s still on a VAM1250 you’ll have problems when it eventually fails.

Thanks to all the great responses, lots of food for thought!

Good to know that the CD3 is a reliable unit. I’ll likely track one down if I can. If I don’t stay all Naim, I like the idea of the half-width Rega, etc to fit right in.

And, here’s the classics all lined out. Silly question perhaps: can one run a 250 and 110 at the same time from the SNAPS, no crossover involved? I have two sets of speakers in different rooms, would like to use both from the same source. I see the bi-amp configuration noted on the SNAPS, but I want to make sure that means what I think it means, not for an active setup.


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