Good classical radio station

Any recommendations?
Not a fan of Naim classical radio

We listen to ‘Classic FM’…

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BBC Radio 3 is widely acknowledged as one of the best broadcasters of classical music in the world.

(I see from your Profile that you live in New York. I assume - but don’t actually know - that it is possible to pick up BBC Radio in the USA from some streaming service.)

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I rather like the HD Mother Earth Klassik. It’s in the HD stations section.

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He will be able to, but in a lower bitrate than we get it in the UK sadly.

There is a list of nice classical stations in another forum topic.

See Best internet radio anyone? - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

The list is:
Venice Classic Radio Auditorium (VCR1) (Italy)
Venice Classic Radio Live (VCR2) (Italy) (aac)
The Classical Station (WCPE) (North Carolina, USA)
WRTI 90.1 Classical (Philadelphia, USA)
Minnesota Public Radio Classical (USA)
WCRB Classical (Boston, USA)
WKSU Classical 89.7 (Ohio, USA)
WETA 90.9FM Classical (Washington D.C., USA)
Radio Swiss Classic (SRG SSR) (Switzerland) (aac)
SwissRadio Classical (Switzerland)
All Classical Portland (USA)
Classic FM (UK)
AbacusFM Mozart (Vancouver, Canada)
Epic Piano Chopin non-stop (Germany)
WQXR Classical (New York, USA)
Organlive (USA)
Baroque (1.FM) (Switzerland)
Otto’s Classical Music (1.FM) (Switzerland)
Otto’s Opera House Music (1.FM) (Switzerland)
Ancient FM (Canada)
Polskie Radio 2 (Warsaw, Poland)
Hi On Line Radio Classical (Netherlands)
Linn Classical (UK)
Naim Classical (UK) (flac)
Cesky Rozhlas D-dur (Prague, Czech Republic) (flac)
Rondo classic Klasu Pro (Helsinki, Finland) (flac)
Rondo classic Klasu (Helsinki, Finland) (flac)
Klara Continuo (Brussels, Belgium)

I enjoy having a choice of stations and not being stuck with the same one.

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BBC Radio 3 is superb. Waking up with Petroc Tralawny is the civilised way to start the day.

another vote for bbc radio 3 - especially if you are interested in exploring the huge diversity of music that can come under the label classical

Petroc always comes across as a very decent human being.

I listen to Klara Continuo a lot - Belgian classical Internet radio with nothing but music, no commercial breaks, no discussion - just tunes.

It has let me discover a lot that I did not previously know, and re-discover a lot that I did.

Many classical stations simply broadcast tracks from albums and I’ve never seen the point. With so much available on streaming services such as Qobuz, I’d rather make my own selection than have it chosen for me.

Where BBC Radio 3 does offer something beyond that is with live broadcasts of concerts, choral evensong etc. The sense of “being there” is what makes these stand out for me. Are there really no stations in the US that do something similar?


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Take a look at WRTI Classical (and their website).

Sounds nice.

Another station worth listening to is Radio Suisse Classique - good choice of music and sounds much better than you would expect from its lower bitrate


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