Good deal on NDX2 - 252 - SCDR: still a lot!

Today I went to my trusted Naim dealer of many years here in Hong Kong to check out the new Classic range, as I’m considering replacing my 272 with the new 222. Rest of the set up (555PS DR and NAP 300DR) will remain.

Unfortunately he told me Naim terminated their distribution contract with him as they are streamlining their distribution network (ie. they are pushing the Naim+Focal store concept). He therefore can no longer order any Naim products. But he made me the following offer as he needs to clear stocks: NDX 2 + NAC 252 + SCDR for about £10,000 (including trade-in from the 272).

I’m conscious this is an excellent offer, but I was looking at buying 1 box, not 3! And, even though this is a great deal, this is above what I was willing to pay. Question is, what if I don’t buy the SCDR to save money? Will the 252 sans SCDR perform well in my setup or is the external PS a must-have for this pre-amp?

Any thoughts appreciated!

252 has no internal PS so you will have to have a Supecap I’m afraid.


Ah well that answers the question then! Damn it.

The 555ps will work with the ndx2.
So that’s quite a jump to:
The next jump would be to nd555, but I don’t think the ndx2 would be massively outclassed.

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That’s what I have. Really happy with the system

As others say, a 252 needs a Supercap to work.

NDX2 +252 + SCDR has been compared directly to the new 222 by several people here, and the consensus seems to be (unsurprisingly) that the multi-box option is a good deal better.


If I were in your position, I’d jump at that deal!

I understand. It’s a great deal. But besides the cost which is higher than what I was planning to spend (on a 222), the real issue is box count. I’m reaching a stage in my life when I want to start downsizing, and jumping from 5 boxes (I have a CD5Si too) to 7 seems completely counter-intuitive. If any I would be also contemplating selling the 300DR to buy the 250.3 to reduce box count!

So, here’s the thing, and the same situation is occurring in New Zealand and Australia: who’s going to provide follow up service on Naim gear, if there is no Naim distributer?

That leaves everyone in quite the dilemma. Personally, I’d avoid the 222 as there would be no back up service. The deal on the classic range is less risky, as someone else can service the amps, but even the NDX2 could be risky - mine had a fault that needed repairing.

If Naim can’t support the Asian and NZ/Aussie market, I think you have to consider other brands I’m afraid.

If you do go for this option, I’d certainly keep the 555 for the NDX2, as it is a very significant upgrade.


I think you are over reading the above posts. Naim is discontinuing their distributing agreement with the OPs dealer. I don’t see any mention of discontinuing a distributor arrangement for Hong Kong or the Asia Pacific market, including AU/NZ (“streamlining” just means cutting out unnecessary middlemen).

Those SF speakers deserve those sources.

NDX2/555/252/SCDR sounds simply awesome with a 300.

Dealer was trying to sell me new Serafino yesterday :smiling_face:

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As an owner of classic and 500 series I can honestly say, have no “hunger” for a new 200. I’m very happy with 252 and nap300, I think the offer from your dealer seems to be very good, I would go for it!

It’s only a great deal if it’s actually what you want. If you want a 222 and don’t want even more boxes, then get a 222.


Couldn’t agree more - only want to change down the road. I picked up a great deal on a 300DR not so long ago but already trying to work out an exit strategy for new classic

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