Good multi-purpose PCM recorder?

Morning all!

I’m after a good quality, multi-purpose portable digital recorder.

There are a number of criteria:

  1. It needs to record up to 24/96 (or even better 24/192)
  2. It needs good quality built in-mics for recording rehearsals and gigs
  3. It needs some sort of line input for digitising cassettes, LPs, etc

Any suggestions appreciated. Budget is £400 or so max.

A friend uses the Sony PCM D100 and it does sound amazing, but its £600…but you may be able to shop around. I think @Richard.Dane has a couple and may have some better suggestions in your budget range.

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The PCM-D100 is very nice, and don’t dismiss the earlier PCM-D50 either. I’ve had both and still have the D100. the D100 will record at 24/192 and also in DSD. As a stand alone stereo recorder with in-built Mics they are superb. They also have line in and line out with good low noise stages. I sold my mint D50 for around £300 a year or so ago, so that gives you an idea. Only drawback is the use of Memory Sticks on the D50. the later D100 adds SD card capability.

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Thanks guys. Just had a look at that Sony D100 and it does look pretty amazing, and the ability to record in DSD is a real bonus. I might have to find a way of scraping together the extra £200, it does seem worth the extra.

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