Good sources of secondhand Naim in the UK?


I was just wondering what are considered to be good online sources for buying s/h Naim gear in the UK? My current online searches lead me to:

  • Ex-demo adverts on dealer websites
  • eBay
  • avforums
  • hifi-forsale

Are there any other gems I should look at?


Top of your list should be any one of a number of Naim dealers who also sell secondhand Naim kit, sometimes for the same price or lower than you’ll find elsewhere. With them you’ll usually get a guarantee as well as great advice too. At least one of them started out as a specialist in secondhand Naim and would be more automatic first port of call for any old bit of Naim kit.


There are some good ones out there, my instinct would be to look at one with large stock lines and an established Naim dealer, my first port of call would be Tom Tom ( hope I have not broken any rules) .

Whilst not a Naim dealer I have dealt with 2nd Hand Hifi as a seller, I found them professional to deal with

+1 for TomTom.


Another good place is Pink Fish. Hopefully it’s ok to mention them. Lots of Naim Forum people use it to both buy and sell.

Cymbiosis (Leicester), Acoustica (Chester), Moorgate (Sheffield), Adventures in hifi (Chester), TomTom (down south somewhere :blush:) , Audio T (all over the place) are all Naim dealers with used stuff.

Hifi shark does used gear searches and will uncover other Naim dealers with specific stock.

I would also recommend 2ndhandhifi, also known as hifi sound in Stockton.


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Plenty for me to go on! Much appreciated.

Another vote for Pink Fish Media. I have bought an entire Naim system there. Good people there.

hifishark to search for stuff, but beware some of the dodgy sites that come up offering stuff that seems too good to be true - it usually is…

pink fish good with a variety of stuff.
eBay, obviously.

Naim dealers are good but many not great at advertising what they have, so well worth asking them - often they will decide something should go ex-demo because you asked about it, not because they advertise it…

Dealers give you good long term support, and finding a good one who is flexible on price (or throwing in other stuff free) is well worthwhile… if the first one doesn’t, try another. I use Acoustica in Chester, well recommended for service and price.

I’ve recently bought a lot new, and a lot used, and it’s been from a variety of places. I’d also suggest that most kit is better bought ex-demo or used from a careful home - you get twice the kit for the same money, and will lose very little when/if you move it on.

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They are a Naim dealer - aka hifisound stockton.


Thanks , they are/ were professional to deal with.

First as per Richard Danes post so +1 there and look at dealers who cycle their demo stock, I got a really good deal on a 2019 HiCap DR from Oxford Audio Consultants, Audio-T (Thanks Nick @ Portsmouth) also do the same. Also Tom Tom, who have an extensive list of S/H kit and ex demo stock.

I prefer to have some sort of guarantee even if just 3 or 6 months.

Mmmm…AudioT told me they didn’t trade in second hand Naim gear :thinking:

Untrue - if you look at their website and pick “offers and clearance” you can then pick Naim and find (a) ex demo items and (b) use trade ins. The quantity of (b) is not very big to be fair but unless things are different from the last time I looked there are occasional used items

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Tom Tom audio simply the best


…guess then it depends on the Branch, the Salesman and the Deal at the time :thinking:

They declined to offer me a trade in but referred me to 2nd Hand instead, but they do have ex demo stuff. Sevenoaks have some cracking deals on things like new 272 at the moment

Signals have used naim gear at keen prices and their service is excellent. Loud and Clear in Glasgow and Edinburgh are good too.

I like the Signals approach, their website is up front with the info on the second hand or ex demo product. If it is dented, scratched etc they tell you and there are pictures of the fault, plus age, type of customer…smoker or not etc. I remember last year a pair of speakers they put up on ebay they looked like they had been kicked around the rugby field…and they pretty much said that about them.