Goodbye Geoffrey Palmer

My favourite ever tv dentist (in Butterflies) :disappointed:


Such a versatile actor. Will be sadly missed

Back in the late 1990s his agent told me that for GP it was fly fishing first and acting second - and they had to be good parts to get him off the river.

Another sad loss.

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The inimitable voice of the Audi “Vorsprung durch Technik” adverts. RIP.


I didn’t know that, Richard.

Great actor.

No problems…no mess…no fuss…

‘Butterflies’ - Childhood memories!


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“Bit of a cxck-up on the catering front” which was a perennial line of his in the Reginald Perrin series.

It has entered our private family language as a useful phrase or saying…


What a great shame, he was just so good at his job, R.I.P Geoffrey.

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I am a doctor and I want sausages .


Butterflies was sublime RIP

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And it had a decent car in it too :slightly_smiling_face:

In the fall and rise of Reginald Perrin:

“Odd chaps, women”


Loved his gentle dry humour… much missed


Dear old Lionel. His gentlemanly jazz grandad chops will be missed.

A friend of mine and I still quote that line at each other on occasions. Classic.

Reading his obituary and his date of birth, my sister and I realised he must have been at school in the same year as my father and evacuated together to Westward Ho! (which they clearly both hated). My father loved Reggie Perrin. They must have known each other even if not as friends - I am surprised my father never mentioned it. Sadly can’t ask him now.

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