Goodbye Pitchfork (as it was)

Just read this on the BBC…

Anger and sadness over Pitchfork merger with GQ Anger and sadness over Pitchfork merger with GQ - BBC News

I look at Pitchfork regulalrly to pick up music I want to explore, and keep abreast of new releases. Their year end list often gives me few new titles too. The reviews can be a bit pretentious at times but at least they are reasonably well written and have some argued content. The scoring system is bit silly-but in the end I have found lots of music from the site which is what matters. It always felt independent, not spouting the PR-provided scipt.

Hope it stays the same; but nothing does does it? For me Bob Boilen retiring from NPR All Songs Considered was also a blow, he seemed to mirror a fair few of my tastes and had unfailing enthusiasm. Bandcamp has changed its ownership model too.

Hey ho. I guess if I Pitchfork got paid every time I looked it may have helped?


PS I note that the recipient of a truly terrible review said the following

"Pitchfork getting gutted is a net negative for musicians everywhere. And I say that as the proud owner of (potentially) the lowest score on the site.

“Whether you agree with a reviewer or not, music needs more journalism, not less.”

Agree, I have always found their reviews to be a good guide for me. Not necessarily because I agree with them, but they seemed to be from a consistent “voice”.

I also agreed with the quote…

This makes no sense whatsoever, especially given that GQ’s coverage of culture has always been notoriously poor…

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Sorry to see Pitchfork absorbed by GQ. GQ seems very blokeish.

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Brilliant piece by Ted Goia on his Substack this morning, well worth a read…

Interesting read… the quote:

“Meanwhile streaming platforms encouraged passive listening—so people don’t even know the names of songs or artists.”

rings true to me… music is background trivia to many people it seems, not something treasured, but something so easy to obtain that its value has been greatly diminished… I know that is a broad brushstroke comment, but I feel it is also true.


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