Gooey feet!

I’m just in the middle of breaking down the Fraim stacks for a spring clean and re-build. Everything seemed fine until I came to the NAT03. It seemed like it was welded to the Fraim glass and then as it slowly gave way I noticed a thin black thread like chewing gum still linking one of the feet to the glass… yuck!

The back two rubber feet have melted And now I have to remove the sticky black mess from both glass and the NAT03. All attempts so far just seem to create more black goo. Does anybody have any tips here as to how to best remove the remnants of the feet?


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There’s a product I use on stubborn sticky stuff called ‘Goo Gone’ Richard, available from Amazon and other vendors.
Never used it on anything quite as substantial as melted NAT03 feet, but I don’t see it making anything worse🤷🏻‍♂️


I use stuff called pre paint/panel wipe that car painters use to clean bodywork before spraying. You can get it from most car paint shops.

The glass is easier as it is nit damaged by any solvents, so you could first try various things on the residue - white spirit and petrol are two possibilities you might have to hand, one if which might work, and if any successful on glass try first gingerly somewhere inconspicuous on the case to see if it goes for the paint. Regarding the stickiness, reducing which might make further handling more manageable, rubbing with a paste of bicarbonate of soda often works.

Regarding the glass, you should be able to get virtually all off with a Stanley knife blade. Scraping with the blade at a very acute angle minimises any risk of scratching.


Could try HG sticker remover……amazon and some local stores?
With your dogs, probably best done outdoors for any of these solvent based removers.

Wd40 might work

I’d use a razor blade to get most of it away and then WD40 for the stuff that is left.


I’d be looking into ways of hardening it, making it brittle, then carefully chipping it off.

I wouldn’t be spreading it about on the amp casework.

How big is your freezer. :grin:

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Works for chewing gum. :grinning:

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It looks like the NAT03 feet are made from cassette pinch rollers.


When you place your amps etc back, place some Teflon sheet under the feet to prevent them sticking. Available on our favourite auction site.

I had this on a NAP92 many years ago and managed to remove the gunge with alcohol. White spirit didn’t work. It wasn’t as bad as yours and there was some rubber left underneath the soft layer, but the feet were then uneven so they still needed to be replaced.
Any alcohol will do - IPA or meths, or even spirits such as vodka or whisky. The latter are somewhat less effective, but have the added advantage that you can drown your sorrows by drinking them if it all goes horribly wrong.

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+1 for trying Goo Gone. It has worked great for me in the past. I still have a bottle I use on occasion.


Yes! the last time I had to deal with anything this gooey was the pinch roller on a Ferrograph Logic 7 Reel to Reel.

The Belts Aiwa used on the AD-F660/770/990 series cassette decks were almost as bad but at least they were fairly thin and insubstantial.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the responses. I took a look in the solvents cupboard and, after removing as much of the goo with the end of an old screwdriver and some cocktail sticks, decided to go at it with some methylated spirits, which did the trick.

Even better, a look in a box of spares came up trumps with a set of replacement 3M feet and the NAT03 is all cleaned up and back in the Fraim.


Used that myself absolutely brilliant stuff citrus based as well brilliant tackle. Bit pricey but worth every penny it easily removed some mega sticky carpet tape holding a rug in place for 5 years. Allowed it soak a bit and wow gone :flushed::thinking::open_mouth::open_mouth:

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Richard, this may worth a try - Zest-it® Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner…

An artist studio essential, as it will practically remove anything oil based and sticky, dissolving most oil based ‘goo’ and glue if left a while to soak in. Then just needs cleaning off with soap & water / degreaser. I use this liquid on loads of household glue removal chores as well as work stuff.

Also helpful for removing price tag (grrr) glue residue on secondhand record sleeves too.

Do we need a FAQ on this… :crazy_face: :astonished: :grinning:


With this, and the wine cellar, you’re well sorted for the weekend.



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