Grade A Naim Nova

Hi guys; I’ve been offered what the shop call a Grade A Nova for £400 les then brand new. I’m pairing it Dynaudio 40’s speakers. They say the Grade A term is due to the Nova being used by Naim at 1 or more exhibition and they have just purchased (3) of the local Naim rep. Has anyone come across this before or could offer any advice - maybe a Naim employee??? Thanks for your help.

If you can get the serial number from the dealer, give. Naim a call and they may be able to confirm.

My main concern would be the warranty implications, so worth asking about that too.

Does not seem a great offer to me, it could be a year or so old. I have had better discounts for dealer stock of 3 months or so ex demo.

Sounds like some Amazon Warehouse deal “Graded”

Your shop is talking shop. Shop talk to my knowledge has no universal standard other than the quality of coffee they use.

Shops buying units that have been used at a show or event is quite normal. Often they are sold as “ex dem” or some such thing. Main thing is, they’re not absolutely brand new - they have been opened and used on display or on demo anywhere from a few hours to a few days. The dealer gets a little bit of extra discount on them and I guess it’s then down to the dealer as to how they pass that along to the customer.

As others ahem mentioned, if you have any particular worries about a unit, just run the serial number past Naim’s customer services.

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