Graham Audio LS3/5A

What will be driving your LS35A’s…could you try them on your main system…should be quite surprising…

Have you got children who are teens? If so, when they graduate :slight_smile:

It’s not the kids, it’s my wife.

My daughter’s at Uni, my son lives in his bedroom.

However my wife retired a couple of weeks ago and is mooching about the house and watching lots of TV until she sorts out what she wants to do with her days (hopefully not that!)

Given I wfh much of the week and she doesn’t listen to music, it’s driving me nuts!

Roksan Blak cdp on the way… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a NAIT50!

Not hooked up yet, as I am awaiting source components to play.

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Should sound excellent very jealous

Try hookung the LS35A’s to your main system…just as a testeroo

I wouldn’t dare do that, as I might be tempted to wind up the wick, and I would hate to ‘kill’ them!

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You’d be surprised how much power the LS3/5a can take. Just avoid any over-modulated bass drum “thwacks” and you should be fine!

I’m sure that you’re right, but I’ll be a lot safer with a NAIT50 than a pair of NAP135s!

No you would not kill them as long as you did’nt go silly - 80 odd dB should be just fine… under driving is more dangerous…one guy I knew allowed his son a party…they put reggae on for hours…using a Nad 3020 (with soft clipping) …result one LS35A burst into flames…and the entire B110 was burnt out…!!! I don’t think you would do that…I atually saw the speaker it looked terrible… The reason I am asking…my experience is with an amazing front end such as yours - those little speakers will sound utterly amazing - I just want you to experiance that…

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Which is why kids shouldn’t be allowed to party using parents’ cherished music systems!

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The dealer put it down to the Nad3020 going into clipping…which generated enormous heat in the voice coil. He maintained that they would never have expired with say a good 100w amp… He added that he had seen numerous speakers damaged by the Nad3020… which he believed was an abommination … He explained normally over driving the amp you have some idea of the pain the amp is going through - with soft clipping it’s masked.

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Well the LS3s have really opened up already. Still not many hours on them, 10?, but what a change.

Trying a few combos today. Custom Design stands for the Grahams arrive next week.


Over the last 40+ years around half has been with LS3/5a, valve amps at first and then 135s. They do sound better run-in but I never did any controlled run-in periods so I can’t give any hours.

The Q7 is an alternative but the slightly larger box changes the sound, it is not the LS3/5a signature sound but still very good. So listen carefully and I recommend getting the “gold” crossover-option for the Q7:s - like with the Falcon LS3/5a it seem to improve the performance of very low-level audio.

Until recently I ran it with an old Klimax DSM upgraded with OrganikDAC but now I am happy to be back back with a simple serviced 252/SCDR/135/NACA5 amp and a multi-bit Melco + Yggdrasil OG DAC playing ripped CD:s.

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These Grahams are amazing.

And what’s all this nons about no bass from an Ls3/5a?

And apparently not right for electronica?

Just playing new OMD album and this is really rather wonderful.


Interesting - which system are you using with them?

They have no dynamics in the bass. They have beautiful colors in the diameter and great space. Ls3/5a



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I have thought to reintroduce a cd player into my fully Naim/Falcon LS3 system.
Are you pleased with the pairing of Roksan ,Naim and LS3?