Graham Audio LS3/5A

Have bought an ex dem pair of the above. Which is nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Turns out the dem time on them is under an hour! And it shows.

Anyone with experience of likely proper run-in time?


I have recently bought pair of LS3/5As, but from Falcon Acoustics, but haven’t hooked them up yet.

I suggest that a few days playing a CD on repeat, or an FM tuner tuned to a music station, would be enough.

Or just use them in your system, as normal, and see how long it takes until no further improvement is audible.

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Cheers, will have to be the latter though!

Are you building the Falcons?

Good lord, No, Jamie!

I would love to be capable of doing something as complex as that, but I’m all fingers and thumbs, mainly thumbs. So I let those nice chaps/chapesses at Falcon take the strain!

I’m very much looking forward to hooking everything up, but the sound will be very different from that produced by three pairs of ESL57s in my main system.

I did look at putting a pair of Falcon Q7s together as an option but then saw these Grahams at a good price and figured being ex dem they’d be nicely run in for me. Turns out they’re all but brand new!

Straight out of the box they’re terrific with vocals, strings and guitar as you’d expect. Not very open with more complex stuff just yet though. At least I hope that’s a yet.

Why the change for you? That’s quite a step!

Not a change, Jamie, but I’m putting together a ‘second system’ brought about by my (perhaps rather impetuous) purchase of a NAIT50, coupled with an unexpected chance to buy a second ARO, refurbished by Linn (not Naim).

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I’m kinda interested in a Q7 kit too, more curiosity than anything else, they get pricey enough though when you add the gold badge crossover etc. I’ll be interested to hear how the Grahams work out

About 40 years… :wink:

(Or… I have a pair of Graham LS3/5 which might have run in over a few weeks, but I wasn’t sat there specifically listening for changes, just to music. What you experience might depend on what you are expecting of them… )

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I cannot be specific, I have Graham LS5/9, an early pair (so potentially the same materials in construction?). I am reasonably sure the download “instruction” leaflet has been rewritten since I bought them and there was originally a mention of 50 hours. I needed new speaker cable at the same time, so two things at once not ideal. Graham were waiting delivery of the brand they used for demos and referred me to a dealer who sold me Van den Hul. It worked, but when I was loaned some Chord Odyssey things sounded so much better.
Whether the speakers or the cable, or both settled at about 150 hours…


Do you recall what that was?

So I can expect them to open up a little over a few weeks then…

I’m undecided whether to keep them with the 272/250dr or the 50!:slightly_frowning_face::wink::slightly_smiling_face:

Something interesting, Tidal through 272 much improved.

However, I don’t think they really like the 3.5/flatcap/hi-line combo. First time I’ve come across this since I got the 3.5 and flatcap in the ‘90’s.

Yet the TT sounds terrific.

Ah well, fancied a new cdp anyway :wink:

Sorry, I don’t think a name was put to it, it was early 2014, from vague memory, red and black twisted pair a bit like Odyssey without the white outer sheath.

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And Greatest Hits Radio sounds shockingly poor! No smoothing the cracks here.

Sounds like you’re having fun then!

Yes indeed, though I’m not sure how much is a throw back to my yoof.

I grew up with a pair of Leaks in the house before my father switched to some ATC 50’s.

My own first speakers were Royd a7’s, so it’s a return to a certain kind of voicing in the main system, after first some SF Concertos for about ten years thereafter and then the Gurus since.

I’ll be very interested to hear further on how you get on, especially with the Nait 50.

Have you tried them with the 50 yet?


Barely have chance to get room to myself at the moment.

I’m also waiting on some appropriate Custom Design stands to arrive so that I’m comparing with the finished article😉

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