Graham Audio LS5/9 Shines with 282/250DR

Continuing the discussion from Best Amp for Graham Audio Chartwell BBC LS3/5 (not LS3/5a) Monitors:

After more than a year without the Naim, I finally switched from the Luxman L-590AXII and Marten Duke 2 to the 282/250DR driving the Graham LS5/9. Many things have changed before this, new rack, new power conditioner, new mains power cables (x2) and new streamer. In short summary, this is the best sound I’m getting from the Naim after all these years messing around with the gear, speakers and cables.

I’ll try to make this very short. I just realise the way you power up your Naim amps, or any amp for that matter is very important to achieve the best possible results. When I fired up the system earlier last week, the sound was not very good. Bass sounded lumpy and unnatural, and the overall sound was slightly restrained. In other words it was an unremarkable listening experience. The Hicap DR and DAC were connected to the good power conditioner(only 2 inputs) while the NAP 250DR, NAPCS2 and the rest of the components were connected to the cheap (but audiophile quality) power strip. I then tried sticking both Hicap DR and 250DR to the power conditioner and the rest of the components to the power strip. Mains power cables were rearranged between components, the Hicap DR and 250DR getting the best costly cords while the DAC and the rest get the cheaper cords. The uneven bass was gone and everything sprung to life. It’s the best sound I’m currently getting from the Naim, and Graham LS5/9.

@razzzor1963 you are right. It’s a great combination.


Graham Audio speakers also pair nicely with the Lejonklou Boazu integrated amplifier from Sweden.

Regarding power conditioning: I recommend Puritan Audio Laboratories from the UK.


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A short update. I now appreciate the LS5/9 a lot more after switching to the Marten Duke 2. This will be the last time I’m trying the Marten with Naim as I can finally confirm they both don’t go well together. Just a poor sound reproduction from the Marten when driven by the 282/250DR. The Marten sounds much better with the Luxman L-590AXII.

The 282/250DR and Graham LS5/9 are truly a match made in heaven.