Graham Engineering Phantom Elite Tonearm

It’s going to be mounted on to a SME mount then mounted on to a Michell Orb (not mine)Will have a 9 inch wand. My Question is, what would be an appropriate torque setting for the 4 mount bolts 1Nm?? Sorry Big $$$ so OCD strikes again.

NOTE: The grahams 10 inch wand will not work with this Orbe SME setup for those going down that same path, it’s been a real nightmare as was advised incorrectly by the importer, 6 months later and a small finger pointing scenario the 9 inch showed up! :zipper_mouth_face:
It is possible to get an acrylic mount that will work think it’s made by Michell.

@fordy has a Graham Phantom. May help perhaps.
I didn’t know it was so important to have the right torque for the arm.
Is it the same for my Rega RB3000 on my P10?

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If there’s a specific torque then I would think that Graham Engineering could advise.

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I’ve never seen any advice on the bolt torques. Mine are something like M5 panhead machine screws on a Graham mount so you can’t get much on them anyway. I just nip them up.

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Thanks, Yes I reckon you’re right. I’ve come to the conclusion a nip up. I think 1 Nm is a nip up and because I have the tool to do it why not. I was just bit concerned it’s not enough to keep it in place seems how it’s mounted into channels or whatever you call it. I just get a little trigger happy with my torque wrench at times. All me nuts have had dose :relaxed:
Cheers men.

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