Graham Nash

Really enjoying listening to Graham Nash on Desert Island Discs this morning. They always seem to get their guests to open up about the more difficult times in their lives.


I’m a big Graham Nash fan.
I’ll have to see if I can get that on catch up.
Does iPlayer do Radio…?:thinking:
His book has lots of very honest moments in it where he really opens up about some difficult subjects. It’s a great read.


You need the BBC Sounds app, which you can send by airplay to the Naim. For some reason it doesn’t seem to available via on demand in the Naim app, or I just can’t find it.

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I think it should be available in a day or so ( or less ). Takes a little while to get on to the BBC Sounds app IME.
One programme I wanted to hear took a day or two to be, after broadcast.

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Listened to it as well just brilliant records he played and came across as a thoroughly nice chap.His father going to prison was interesting when he was a young kid and how after that he always supported the underdog in life and thought injustice.
Great stories and particularly liked his one about being there for David Crosby who had lost the love of his life and in a right mess and sailing on Crosbys boat for 4 months together from Florida threw the Panama Canel to San Francisco and recording DeJa Vu album …being there for a mate .
Its on I player so listen at your leisure.


I just listened to the repeat of this episode on Radio 4 this morning.
A great listen which I would thoroughly recommend to all on this forum.
One of the best ever DIDs for music lovers.


Agreed, it was a good listen.
It didn’t stray into the very bitter fallings-out in later years.
You can hear it now in BBC Sounds from the website, without needing an app (though you have to ‘sign in’).


Listened this morning with pleasure. His early life was tough, collecting coal in his sister’s pram. His father being sent to prison followed by an early death was moving. Some great music too.


This kind of stuff is always fascinating. He has a story and he sells it well but it’s important to note that “opening up” is one thing he’s never had an issue with. Most who know him would argue that the issue is shutting him up and being able to sift the fact from the fiction. Having listened to DoD it was fascinating to hear him repeat 2 stories that Crosby and others have picked apart in terms of timings and personnel. He insists it happened his way and yet Crosby produced photos for 1 interviewer to show that it couldn’t possibly have been the case.

We believe his music is authentic in some way and thus he must be but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Once had one of his relatives as a client. Their description of him was priceless and has lived with me a long time. Broadly speaking, and minus several offensive terms, he was described as a child of a fairly typical 50s upbringing. He quickly learned to sell what people wanted to buy.

How dare he?

I wondered about his saying he saw a therapist “every week”…said it was “good to have someone to talk to”.

Is he that lonely/needy?


Obviously not a reflection on the music.

An observation on the desire to shape a narrative to suit your needs and your progress in the world regardless of the fact it’s not true. People often invent or reinvent their own histories. Nash is right up there in doing that and he knows full well that his adopted persona works remarkably well in that respect. Many lies but he’s lovely so that’s okay…

I like Robert Forster but his version of the Go-Betweens is about 2 people. 1 has until recently been wiped out of history and yet still he persists.

McCartney persists in trying to rewrite Beatles history despite the fact much of what he asserts is demonstrably untrue.

Dylan faked his history from the off.

As a student my mate’s son interviewed Waters post gig for a student magazine. Off tape Waters was quite open about adopting a persona which suggested he was taking credit for things which were nothing to do with him. He did so knowing it would sell records.

And how much of all that are you yourself inventing … ?

He’s a fan base in Salford and Manchester but left behind some destruction which resonates to this day. The stories are legion locally. I recommend sitting in 1 of the pubs he used to frequent. That’s an eye opener. He’s not welcome.

Nowt wrong with liking/loving the music but disliking the person.

Yeah, and nowt wrong with gossiping across the garden fence.

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