Grateful Dead link with Forest Green Rovers soccer team

Forest Green Rovers, known as the world’s greenest soccer team, have announced a tie (dye) up with the Grateful Dead. It will involve the players wearing kit with Dead iconography. Can’t post a link here but it’s easy to find pics etc. on Google.
Reminds me of 1992 when the Dead sponsored the Lithuanian olympic basketball team who went on to win an unlikely bronze at the Barcelona Olympics. Also worth a Google.

Known by whom… :slight_smile:

Should be in the thread for this season as FGR have already had a couple of mentions there.

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Known by the media mostly I guess.
I’m not much into soccer but am very much in to the Grateful Dead, hence posting separately as I’ve never bothered to look at the soccer thread. FGR are not that far away from me so I may just check them out if only to browse the merch.

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