Grateful Dead Thread Part Deux

Since the last one just locked 4 days ago (just missed it), thought I’d start a new one.

Lyceum 72 4 show vinyl box set just landed yesterday in Canada. It’s a thing of beauty both sonically and with respect to the presentation / packaging.

Anyone across the pond received their copy yet?

Having watched a couple of unpacking videos yesterday, I’m sorely tempted. But the mailing costs (I think they were over $80 to the UK) plus import duties and admin costs would rack the price up even higher than it is already. Not to mention the fact that I already have the 72 trunk.

The Lyceum set is a bit too much for me - I was only at one of the nights, but I do have the Record Store Day 4 disc set of the Wembley show. I was a bit wary as I thought it being my first show had rose tinted my memories but not a bit of it! The playing is awesome and the sound quality divine.
I played it to friend and 5 minutes into the Caution side he said “well that’s already a hundred quids worth” and has since bought it for himself even though he’s a whippersnapper who didn’t catch a live show un til 1974.
Having said that, you’ve got me thinking… sod the recession, it’s only money. If I track it down in the UK, Clive, I’ll let you know.

Do let me know if you find it in the UK, but I doubt t it will be any cheaper. The official live Dead vinyl releases I have bought have all been fantastic sounding so it is a great temptation. I checked the shipping costs and in fact they are $98! However, I see from the Hoffman forum that you can get discount with this code: CC22WMG10.

I can confirm that the code mentioned above worked for me when I ordered this way back when :slight_smile:

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