Greasy/oily 4k Blu-Ray cases

Anybody still spinning Blu Rays, especially 4K Blu rays? Ever notice that the plastic cases the discs come in, are greasy?
I cannot stand it! :slight_smile:
Can’t they package the discs in something clean? I bought a disc case that can hold 42 discs. I transferred all of my discs into it, to avoid handling the oily cases every time I want a disc.

Rarely do I buy new blurays unless the imprint are having a sale. I have yet to be sucked down the 4K rabbit hole. The number of films I watch and buy I couldn’t afford it.

I expect a few signs of previous ownership but a quick squirt with Muc-Off in one of its many guises and a wipe with a multi fibre cloth solves the problem for me.

Now biscuit crumbs in library books are a different story

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I’ve hundreds of discs. Not once have I encountered this problem.

You are lucky. I can clearly feel the oil on my fingertips, and see it inside the cases. I will try and post a picture later.

I made a video to show the extent of the problem. Check your discs! :slight_smile:

I live in Australia and now have about 150 4K movies bought new over the last few years and have never had this problem.
I almost always by them from JB HiFi Shops who are the biggest home entertainment retailer in Australia.
Ive bought the odd few online from the USA, UK and within Australia but also never had the problem.

Pray tell about these objects of which you speak!

Lucky to have a small recently refurbished library with helpful staff and speedy access to most of Essex’s book stock.
The building is being used for other purposes. Registrar, Children’s Club and a bank of screens for those who have no home internet access. Three daily newspapers and I am pleased to report that the right wing bias has been recently moved a little to the left. We used to have magazines but they were constantly stolen.
Sad that many have lost the ability or need to read or even speak properly but there we are.
We also have a small and vibrant early built cinema. Furiosa this week end.

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150 4K movies! That is a nice collection. It will take me some time to accumulate that many :slight_smile:

@DanielH have you googled “ Greasy/oily 4k Blu-Ray cases”

I think you might find you are not alone.

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Just for entertainment value, I did as you suggested, and the first link that google comes up with is this thread :grinning:

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I also went and checked a few of my 4K disk, the first two a looked at being recent ones Dune and Dune 2, no sign of any residue. An older one, The Matrix did seem to have something on the inside surface of the case, no odour that i can detect. I wonder if the plastic of the case “sweats” with age, or whether it is a release agent of some sort from when the cases were injection moulded.

A quick search suggests this is what is known as outgassing; and the type of plastics used in the disc cases is likely to exhibit this.