Great choice for use with Nait 50!

This is brand new… how cool would this be be with a Nait 50 !


I the box on the left is the optional upgraded power supply. The Vega Dac is not shown but matches the streamer in appearance.

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Ah my apologies, I see what you mean -

Available in two variations, the ARIES S1 features USB and digital outputs, while the VEGA S1 offers XLR and RCA analog outputs.

Being discussed on the Nait 50 thread too!

Spookily I’ve just added an Aries G1.1. to the big system. No doubting the Auralic SQ.

“Additionally, the S1 will be Roon Ready upon completion of Roon certification.”

If being a Roon user this tells me to hold back. I’ve seen others wait and wait for long to get certified.

Looking at the specs for the Vega S1, that is the one box solution to add a streamer/ dac to the Nait 50. It would for example replace the Altair G1 that I currently use and be the right form factor.

No wifi though, which seems odd as before buying the G1.1 I’d read that Auralic were very keen on wifi vs. ethernet.

Indeed, odd and something I need.

The Vegas don’t have WiFi or a built-in server. If you have locally stored music, you need a NAS, for example, to store and serve it. Otherwise you would need the Aries and the Vega. At least that’s how it is with the G2 line so I presume it’s similar with the S1.

The Altair G2.x is the do-everything box and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a S1 version of it in due course, but that’s pure guesswork.


It seems Aries S1 streamer doesn’t have wifi according to all I’ve read…Ethernet only as far as net connectivity goes.

That was the surprise. Without a n S1 with wifi it surely limits the market for what you would think is a consumer, rather than a hifi product.

Biggest surprise for me is what appears to be an HDMI connector being used for the external power supply connection

There is a USB port for external storage.

It looks like an interesting product, the width is 207mm ( exactly the same size as the N50 ).
It would be great to see them side by side, just a shame there’s no silver bezel around the edges.

Yeah and the review suggests it includes server software — Lightning Server I would guess. That’s a turn up for the books but I gather that’s also coming to Vega G2.2 via a firmware update.


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They have used HDMI connectors before eg. To couple Aries G2 and Vega G2, where the connection is called Lightning Link. But it’s unusual to see them used for supplying power. I wonder if a suitable cable is included and if not whether a standard HDMI cable will do.