Greatest poignant Lyrics of all time

Written by Eric Bogle, Sung by June Tabor,


Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billie Joe
Elvis - In the Ghetto
Don McLean - Vincent


The Kinks - Days
The Beatles - In My Life
Richard Thompson - How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
Joni Mitchell - River - The Fiddle and the Drum

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One person’s “poignant: is another’s “maudlin”.


Lowell George - 20 Million Things. (Recorded Shortly Before His Death)

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Pink Floyd - The Wall (album in its entirety)
Pink Floyd - The Final Cut (album in its entirety)
Roger Waters - Amused to Death (album in its entirety)
Twelfth Night - Sequences
Twelfth Night - We are Sane
Twelfth Night - Fact and Fiction
Edgar Broughton - Superchip, The Final Silicon Solution (including the integral Who Only Fade Away and Curtain)
Edgar Broughton - Evening over Rooftops
Budgie - Parents
The Doors - The End

Oh dear, as fast as I type one thing another comes to mind…


Where to start but I do like Jackson Browne “no sooner had I hit the streets when I met the fools that a young fool meets”.



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Letter from Afghanistan by Richard Digance (please tap or click)

Bonnie Prince Billy: Missing One

I know that missing you
has just begun
there’s years to come
and trying to sleep tonight
next to your kin
is fully lovely
as I’ve ever been
But I wouldn’t trade my life
for someone’s millions
and I know you left
for a reason
and the trees and flowers
and creeks and rocks
hold your face
with every season

I know I will contine
to try and please you
and even in some ways
to try and be you
but also my fulfillment
will be to do what I do
as you taught me to
I know that missing you
has just begun
love me family
and just sleep to all of us

You need a heart of stone not to be taken apart by this!

Bob Dylan - All along the watchtower.

Exiles by King Crimson

Now, in this faraway land
Strange, that the palms of my hands
Should be damp with expectancy
Spring, and the air’s turning mild…