Greek radio station Diesi not streaming (Mu-so)

Hi all. I am trying to stream the greek radio station Diesi FM 101.3 from Mu-so but it does not work… The station is on the list of the device but for some strange reason it is not streaming. Other greek stations stream fine.

This problem with stations not working happens quite often. I’m bringing it to the attention of @Stevesky at Naim in the hope that it can be sorted out.

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Thank you. I am then waiting for @Stevesky to see what can be done for this…

Remember that it may not be done quickly. These things are not in Naim’s control, as stations change settings and vtuner are in between stations and Naim.

Yes vtuner is often very slow to make changes. Three to four weeks in my experience.

I have had problems connecting to KYA radio in the USA

It is not something urgent, but I would like to be able to stream the specific station as I like it a lot and now I have to do it via Bluetooth from my cellphone or tablet…

Hi Trifon,

Apologies - this one slipped past me.

I’ve reported it to VTuner.



Thank you Steve. So now we just wait for it to be fixed? How long does it usually take?

Hi @trifon

It can be a bit variable with vtuner. I’ll chase up early next week to see if its fixed.



Hi @trifon

Station is now fixed in VTuner.



Thanks for the swift response to this issue @Stevesky! The station is streaming fine now!

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