Green and White

Thought it might be useful to start a conversation about mixing Classic and New Classic components.

My system comes out of storage over the next week or so having moved house and been knee deep in a building project for 6 months. Last year I bought a new 282 and HCDR; both currently have about 2 months usage on them having been packed away since September. Not even run in?

I changed my NAP200 for a NC250.3 earlier this year when I had the opportunity and it’s been boxed ever since. I ordered some Chord Shawline DIN-XLR cables to go from the HCDR to 250.

New speakers arrive this week so all set to go!
Before anyone says anything; yes my NDX probably is the weak link but I will live with it fronted by the Primare streamer for 6 months.

Not planning on changing the 282 ever; and looking forward to seeing how the whole Green/White thing gels…

Any others mixing Green and White?



Olive, Classic and Uniti , one may be going, can you guess which ?

White? S1 and uniticore
Green? ND555 and two 555dr plus 500

There is a chance I might go active with new classic which would replace the green of the 500 with white

(Let’s not mention the blue light on the linn power supply :grimacing:)


There is probably someone willing to put proper green LEDs in any new Naim boxes. For enough money, they might even be willing to swap the blue Radikal light for a matching green.

My ethernet switch box (Cisco iirc) already has a green light that just about matches the Naim lights.

Or you can put yellow-ish Sellotape on the blue light.

Have been enjoying my NC250 since late January.

Only using cheap Mogami 4Pin to XLR’s

The new look is growing on me so may demo the 332 when it comes out


After a a period of Naim green and white coexistence I’ve decided to draw the line.
Must say I miss the green though. Green is good, even if only a dot from Nytech …


In some ways it’s a pity Naim didn’t go the same way as Mytek in letting you choose the color of the logo, allowing owners of multiple boxes to show their Naim Pride rainbow.

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