Grilles for SL-2

anyone know where I can obtain a set of grilles for SL-2 ? am afraid my set are au revoir…

Tom Tom audio

tried there, no stock

Did you phone them ? Tom tom had them specially made for their store, so they may be in the process of getting a new batch manufactured.

will try again, no answer at the moment !!

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Tomtom is where I got mine, they are excellent quality. James and Henry can get busy and/or are probably on lockdown still so i’d drop them an email i’m sure they’ll get back to you.

I did see a report they weren’t going to do any more

Oh, I hope not. I recently discovered that my SL2 grilles are beginning to get crumbly around the edges and sticky right by the tweeters. I was going to get in touch with James…

Hi, I got my pair from Simon Hamnet earlier this year. They were OK but not perfect-very good service though. Regards, Johan

just spoke to tomtom looks like not at present due to lockup etc., so am going to try simon hamnett. [thanks josaa]

Hi. The TomTom ones are excellent and genuinely little different from the originals to my eyes. But not cheap. Does anyone have photos of Simon Hamnett ones, or an opinion of how they compare with originals/TomToms?

Incidentally, I made up some of my own from speaker foam as an interim when we got the dog, as everything was getting chewed. Not bad from 20 feet away or so.

anyone else made their own ? or perhaps a frame + cloth ??

Here is a bad photo of the simon h one

wrong photo ??

Fixed for you.

How do you do that?

I saved it on my mac then spun it round and then edited your post and added back the (spun) image.

I used my iphone where I have noticed that it is not consisntent how the imgies turns out…

Yes, our web developer is looking into it - a long term bug. Seems it likes to turn portrait orientated images to landscape…