"Ground boxes" like Nordost & Co

Hi folks, I have a question about ground boxes poppin’ up now everywhere (nordost, entreq etc.). I’m using a Powerigel connecting all my components with it- so would a ground box gives better SQ here?

i tried, it killed the dynamics a bit, for a cleaner sound, softer but less involving. It was entreq.

thanks frenchrooster- so this is no voodoo when you’ll able to hear a difference…I’m just curious because this boxes cost lot of money…

Very interesting. Were did you try the groundbox? On Naim boxes or on the mainstrip?

I found grounding in my system made a positive difference …but, it is not a Naim system and included non-earthed items.

By ‘non-earthed’ I mean not earthed via the mains lead back to the plug sockets.

In my case I bought a cheap grounding block and ran a wire from a metal point on the non-earthed item back to it. I then took a wire from the grounding block back to the earthing point on my pre-amp. Cost me about £5.

Might be worth trying this first.

I use the Nordost QB-8 power strip, because I live in an apartment building, and need the outlets.The Nordost is Star earthed like Naim gear requires, so I grabbed one.When I first demoed it,I also borrowed the Q-Kore grounding block.I noticed no difference at all when it was connected, so back to the dealer it went.I had the Q-Kore in place for a couple of weeks.The Q-B8 remains in my system,I use a Nordost Heimdall 11 power cord to connect it to the wall, and my 2 powerlines plug into it, along with a few non Naim pieces of gear.

on naim boxes and non naim also.

Naim star earthing is for analogue signal ground (-ve), not power supply. There is no harm to have a ‘star’ power earth, correctly called ‘radial’, but it should not be confused with the important signal star ground.

I am not sure I follow what you are saying Mike, can you explain what you mean a little more clearly, I have a Naim Core, NDS with XPSDR, along with a Cary Audio pre/processor and Anthem amp all plugged into the QB-8.I hear no noise at all when the song/track goes silent, so I think it works good.

All I’m saying is having a radial (star) power earth is not so important & is frequently confused with the important signal star ground.
I have no doubt ‘it works good’, but suspect that a power dist board with a ‘series’ earth will be the same (‘series’ for want of a better description). That said, given a choice I would always pick a radial (star) power board & is how I’ve made my power board.

The power earth cable to the Naim units is a safety earth & is connected to the unit cases. In your case the NDS has the “chassis/floating” switch that applies an earth-ground to the signal, or removes it in the case of having a Naim CD player also connected to the pre-amp.
I can’t say how this all works with your Cary Audio pre-amp other than note is it has a 3 pin (earth pin) IEC plug/socket, but the Anthem only has a 2 pin so it is double insulated.
Bottom line is if it works good, great, nothing to be bothered about

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Above,.an example of a educational and exemplary explanation in top class.


I bought one of the “Ground Boxes” last year and like what I does for and in my system. The Ground Control from Computer Audio Design (CAD) is connected to the ground post on my SuperNait2 and the barrel of one of the unused S/PDIF inputs on the NDAC. The glare that plagued my system for several years is gone and I can listen for several hours without fatigue. While the sound is smoother, it has retained its dynamic range. The system is fed by an Igel Plus, they are clearly compatible.

I have a Nordost power strip. It uses a Valhalla2 power cord. All my Naim Powerlines plug into it.

I tried the Nordost ground box and it works very well. My home earth ground grid works better. I sent Nordost back. But for the home grid, I would have kept it. The difference is audible and worthwhile. Unless you have a 3x8’ rod earth ground according to US code. I needed this for my former tube system. It still pays benefits today. And it keeps Nordost out of my pocket.

Otherwise, I would give the Nordost ground box a listen.

My SR Ethernet cable but has a ground plane tip to tip, the ground wire with the standard setup is to another wall plug (only a ground cable) or you get two ground block options, one passive and one active.

My power cable was the cheaper (£1000) ungrounded version, but I have seen online some crazy systems with ground wires from every cable into an active ground block.

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