Ground Loop Hum From Preamp Receiver into Uniti Nova

So I’ve got a setup where my video inputs all lead into a Marantz receiver, which splits out a center channel signal and then passes the preamp back to my Uniti Nova, which then powers a couple of floorstanding speakers. Whenever I have the Uniti’s input set to the Marantz receiver, I get what I think is a 60hz ground loop hum coming from the L and R speakers.

Figuring it was a ground loop, I grounded one of the RCA inputs on the Uniti to the chassis ground screw on the Marantz, which had the effect of eliminating 90% of the hum from the R speaker, and increasing the hum to the L speaker. So that didn’t work.

I could really use some assistance in troubleshooting the hum. A knowledgable friend of mine says I should just preamp out all the audio from the Uniti to the Receiver and use that to power all the speakers. But that would impact my stereo-only setup I have for streaming Spotify through just the Uniti and my big B&Ws.

Perhaps a ground loop isolator between the preamp RCAs and the Uniti?

See here

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