Grounding Hubs/Systems

This seems to be the latest technology to be getting a lot of “buzz” (pun intended) on the boards. With more and more companies introducing their versions.

Naim have talked about grounding for ever it seems; were Naim ahead of the curve by paying attention to grounding? Or do these new “systems” offer something more?

I can only talk for my own experience and Entreq. It does work and added a new level in my system. I’d recommend borrow these things from your retailer and let your ears decide.

I have the following setup with great result.

  • Entreq wraps and Eartha Apollo grounded to a ground box around the Burndy between 555PSDR and 272 and another on the power cable going to my power strip.

  • Entreq Konstantin Ethernet cable to an Olympus Ten ground box. This has by far outperformed BJC, Chord, Shunyata Venom and other ethernet cables in my system.

  • Entreq Poseidon + Eartha Atlantis to my Lumin U1 Mini ground connector which also ground the BNC shield going to my 272.

  • Entreq Poseidon + Eartha Apollo to the ground pin on my AAphono which is connected to signal ground too.

My Tannoy speakers also have a 5th ground connector so I will try grounding them too. This ground the speaker housing and according to Tannoy increase performance even more.

Also just decided to keep a Furutech NCF Clear line plug that sticks into my power strip. Great product.


Interesting. Definitely a ‘borrow it and listen to it’ thing as these systems are not cheap.

Not another rabbit hole!

:rabbit2: :rabbit2: :rabbit2:


Im sure it is, Nigel. I’m just reporting . . . I see discussions ‘on the boards’ and multiple manufacturers releasing these products.

I imagine it’s easier to sell someone something completely new vs an “upgrade” to something they already own.

Is this a solution without a problem to solve?? I have no idea.

I must say it’s great talent selling products that doesn’t do a thing for more than 15 years from one that doesn’t even care about sales…

Can’t be i am already down here🥺


I don’t know what it is but I want one.

Is that a box of soil?


Come on Gazza…out you come.



Is it your choice to have the “ground box” off the ground? It doesn’t appear to be connected to anything but the wrap round that cable and is separate from other “ground boxes”. How is this grounding?
I’m not saying this system does nothing but the explanation seems dubious. On the face of it you have wrapped foil around a cable and attached an aerial to it with a wooden box on the end, do they say what’s in the box?

It’s a virtual ground.

It doesn’t need to be in the ground. If the cables are long enough the box could be placed on the first floor.

Back when I had an all Naim system,I also had Nordost QB8 MK 11 power distributor.
My dealer wanted me to try the Qkore grounding box and a few of those Qv2 and Qrt line harmonizing things.
Did I hear a difference? None whatsoever,so I returned them and decided my grounding must be good enough already. I live in Canada and our power grid seems pretty good.
I left them in place for a few weeks too,before taking them out…snake oil?,not sure,but not worth investing in for me.

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