GSM 'buzz'

Any suggestions to remove GSM interference from my 252? Happens with any source. Power down the 252/SupercapDR and it does away ie no interference comes through the 300 power amp.

I found this You Tube video that covers exactly what RFI I am getting - 800MHZ GSM buzz:

Any suggestions gratefully received!


Where is it coming from? Not a lot of use of GSM these days.

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I used to get GSM inference from a smart meter with my Lite when it sent my meter updates to the company that supplies my electricity and gas. I solved it by moving the Lite about a metre further away from the meter.

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As David mentions, it would be good to identify the source of the interference. What other non Hi-Fi devices have you got sat near the system. Is it a continuous problem or intermittent ?

One other thing, you seem to have a number of sources, so it may be worth making sure you have ground switches on the system in the correct position (you have a CDX2 so assuming this is connected, analogue out to the 252, the ND555 should be set as floating).

Surely one for the ‘Which wine are you drinking?’ thread. :wink:

Strictly speaking GSM is the standard also referred to as 2G, whereas most mobile phones are now using 3G, 4G or 5G, but it’s still sometimes used as a generic term for all of these. I’m sure everyone here knows what you are referring to!

As you have a turntable I would guess that this input is most likely to pick up the offending noise due to its sensitivity. As a test, does the interference stop if you unplug the Superline at the 252 input? That’s not a solution of course, but it might be a useful first step in narrowing down the problem. It’s possible that moving it, or its cables, might help, or there may be a different cable that would be less prone to picking up the interference.

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