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Tonight at 9pm featuring Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads

Thanks for reminding

A little disappointing, I thought there’d be more early heads music

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It was interesting but disappointed that a whole genre of bass greats were not included, who can talk about bass without Nathan East.
That said it was extremely good for any bass-bin-head with the sound thru’ the Naim & the volume wound up. My Scanspeak drivers really had fun.

No mention for me of Chris squire , John “OX” Entewistle Mick Khan but very good programme - liked the Motown years esp

I just got round to watching the first one last night with Stuart Copeland. Really enjoyed it, looking forward to the others.

The pieces on Paul Mccarthy were interesting though, you don’t really think of him as a serious bass player which he obviously was and probably still is


Thought Stuart Copeland one was far better than Tina Weymouth one.
When Tina went on to Chic & New Order I lost interest as it is muzak I simply don’t like.
Can you do a documentary on bass players without mentioning the great Danny Thompson.
Herbie Flowers was great though - he wrote the huge hit “Grandad” for Clive Dunn

I know quite a few accomplished bass players, some of them famous and well-regarded, and one thing they all have in common is their regard for Macca as a bassman. He is superb both technically and stylistically.


Interesting final program (3 of 3) about the technology & developments of the electric guitar over the years. Headed up by Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith’s lead guitar), it starting with how the early electrics developed, then went through the years of effects & innovations together with the players who were most notable innovators of those effects.

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Preferred the drums and the bass was my personal favourite

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