Gyrodec SE_Koetsu Black goldline but which phono stage?

Hello, in the not to distant future ill have the opportunity to upgrade to a Gyrodec SE, I really want to try out the Koetsu black but not sure the best fit phono stage wise, currently I’ve a stage line N / hicap and trichord dino with NCPSU using a dynavector 20x2H. the main unit is the stageline but im trying out the dino borrowed from my father.

If you have access to both stages, are you not best to inform us?
The gyro se is an under rated TT. Perhaps because the support via michell is not always obvious. Every tried to email them? Phone calls get directed to the MD. All very quaint, but not always want you want.
Anyway, doubt you’ll be disappointed with the gyro. I have used a dino and diablo plus NCPSC being fed from a benz ace sl. All good. But bettered a lot by the cyrus signature phono stage and psu.

When I’ve dealt with Michell it was via a phone call. They couldn’t have been more helpful, even to the extent of persuading me not to spend money when in their opinion it wasn’t worth it (replacing the AC Motor with the current DC one and the related power supply; >£500 IIRC).

The support’s great but it does require a phone call.

Mainly I wanted to know if anyone had used the combination of the gyro with the koetsu black and the Dino :slight_smile:

You’ve not mentioned the arm you’ll be using on the gyro.
I’d suggest that the cartridge may not be able to give its best with a mid priced arm. Nor perhaps is the dino best placed to extract the best from this cartridge.
Good as the dino is with a £700 benz, I’m not sure it will deliver the best from a £2,000+ cartridge.

Probably the techno arm. To start with anyhow :wink:

Michell do a decent job of turning a mediocre RB330? Into a half decent arm with the technoarm. I use a RB3000 on mine, which was quite a game changer for not much more than the technoarm.

I had once a Koetsu black with a Rega Rb900 arm. Not a good match. It needed a heavy counterweight.

Ahhh I see, yes it’s a heavy cartridge, the tecno weight should be enough though, I always have loved the rega arms ever since the first rb250 :slight_smile:

I over the 40 years of Michell Gyrodec and previous Focus One turntable ownership I can say that I have never had cause to complain about the support and service from Michell. They are a small company that has not lost sight of the engineering excellence and ethos of customer service of their founder. I spoke to them last year seeking an upgrade to the original AC motor (developing a growl after 35 years) and they could not have been more helpful.

If you have not committed to arm selection yet I would have a look at the Origin Live range and an Onyx or SIlver Tonearm from them.

An appropriate Stageline in my view will be a good option still but others are available and the sky’s the limit in terms of spending but I would look at the Rothwell Rialto and even the Ifi Audio Zen Phono.

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Not sure if you replied to the wrong person or not.
I wasn’t complaining about the service from Michell, mearly commenting that they don’t allow contact via email. Sometimes an enquiry is best dealt with via some form of written communication when not too important at that point in time. Naim ( who I get are much bigger) give a variety of options, phone, email, this forum. And I get that Michell are a small firm that really only make one product.

I have no experience of Trichord Dino or Stageline or Superline but I recently upgraded my phono stage to a Rega Aura and can’t recommend it highly enough. Best I’ve heard. I use a Dynavector XX2 Mk2. Certainly worth a home trial audition if you can arrange it.

OK no problem. However, if you think they really only make one product you should look again at their website.

I do like the fact that one can talk to someone and discuss my exact requirements. I have also used email with individuals and generically. They also use Facebook and Instagram.

Very nice indeed! But might be 2k over budget hahah

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