Half Price Tidal

I’ve just enrolled on a foreign language course at my local university. It’s a couple of hours on Thursday evening every week.

I was quite surprised to find that this makes me eligible for a Totum card (the new name for the NUS card).

Then I found I could also a the student discount on Tidal bringing it down to £10 a month. Bargain!

If anyone is on a college, distant learning or university course take a look into this.

Next stop, Amazon Prime…


For an even cheaper Tidal subscription, you can move to Thailand, where it’s a mere £7 / month without a student card.

Minor complication is that Naim gear is ~ 30% more expensive here.

I’ve calculated the Tidal / Naim trade-off should turn positive for me by about 2060 (assuming I don’t upgrade my current system).

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I wonder whether this level of discount would be available to a family subscription? My daughter’s about to start at Nottingham so could benefit. My son’s already at Loughborough but they don’t offer the NUS card option (some sort of dispute).

It’s not available on the family option unfortunately.

But for the other options you don’t need a nus card. Tidal sends you to a university log in page.

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