Hana cart comparison

Bored January here and so I decided to compare my eh/lp12/rb330 with my sl/P8/rb880 before deciding on my next cart upgrade, and whether it would be worth the expense.
There are too many variables to reach an absolute decision but it gives me a flavour of where I might be heading.

The biggest difference is in the sense of space around the instruments with the SL. Both LP’s are Blue train ( different editions). The SL brings all of the instruments in to the mix, and places them relative to each other. The EH prioritises Coltrane, the rest sink into the back ground, most noticeably both the piano and high hats recede.
Not scientific but fun on a sunny January morning.


Think you have posted accidentally on the wrong forum.

I can’t comment on your findings as I have been very happy with my Linn Krystal, finding it provides a detailed & balanced presentation in my system.

I don’t envisage upgrading my system (unless Naim introduce a Supernova) so when the time comes, I won’t have any hesitation purchasing a further Krystal.

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Apologies for the wrong forum. Richard please move as appropriate.

Already moved Bruss.

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I’ve been a fan of Hana cartridges since I made a switch from an Exact2 on a previous RP6, to the SL, which I then swapped for the ML. Each very worth while steps up, now I have my eye on a swap to the Umami Blue at some point (likely where I’ll get off the cartridge upgrade train)


I’m just eyeing up the same. Miss out the ml and go straight to the U blue.

If its in the budget, I’d think that would be a great way to go. The ML was a very nice step up over the SL & have been reading some very positive things about the Umami Blue, so it should be a rather significant step up.

I have been thinking about this since before Christmas and am undecided whether to go for an arm upgrade on the P8 first or the U blue first and then the arm if I think its needed.

I bought a Hana ML a while ago which is great in every way but I miss the drive so thinking of trying a Dynavector DV-XX2 :thinking:

This is my first foray in to upmarket cartridges so my only comparison has been in dealer demos. The move to the SL came about from a dl110 so not a fair comparison. I did find the SL has drive and slam though particularly noticing it on Tommy. The opening bars of the LP just grab you as Entwistle lays down the bass against Townsends sharp overlay.

I picked up the EH pre owned and it has the same directness if not quite the same clarity and separation as the SL.

I have come to realise that I value clarity and separation/placement over anything else which is probably why I’ve moved to mostly digital sources and listening. I still like the theatre of playing an LP though.

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I can think of three options to address the lack of drive:

  1. Get a good MM.
  2. Use a trans impedance phono stage.
  3. Maybe a Hana MH.

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