Happy 200th

Two hundred years ago today, a profoundly deaf genius premiered his final work. The mountain top of European musical culture, the choral section of which is still used today as it’s anthem.

Thanks, Ludwig.


Indeed, a nice mention on R4 this morning.

The first piece of music I fell in love with and played over and over again (on my parents’ wind-up 78 gramophone) was his Egmont overture. Then one day at about the age of maybe 9 or 10, I was allowed to stay up late to hear his Pastoral Symphony on BBC Third programme (forerunner to R3, for those unaware) - If I hadn’t been hooked already, that would have done it!


Final (completed) symphony. By no means his final work. He still had a few masterpieces up his sleeve. :grin:


Some fun facts, not all of which I knew before today:

  • Although premiered in Vienna, it was commissioned by the Philharmonic Society of London (now the RPS)
  • It was the first time Beethoven had been seen on stage for 12 years
  • Three movements of the Missa Solemnis were also premiered on the same night
  • Beethoven stood next to the conductor, giving the tempo, but did so in such an eccentric manner, everyone followed the conductor rather than the composer
  • At the end of at least one movement, Beethoven was several beats off the orchestra and had to be turned around by one of the performers to see the wild applause he was getting



Including probably my all time favourite piece of music, String Quartet No. 16 Op. 135.


Great drum kit. :wink:

Beef oven.