Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad. I dearly love and miss you. Thanks for everything.


Lost my dad last week. Will really miss him, he was my best friend :cry:


Apologies, not a birthday comment but I sympathise with your loss.

It will be 4 years tomorrow since my father died. It had a profound effect on me for several reasons.

I’ve edited my original reply as it was rather introspective, and I mentioned some negatives, whereas I should have been thinking of the good times and fond memories instead.


So sorry to hear that.


You must let the anger go. When I came out of my induced coma in 2016 after being knocked off my bike, I was reading online, in my hospital bed, about how to deal with the sort of thing I went through. I was drugged to my eyeballs but the piece of advice I remember was don’t be angry about what has happened or you will never recover. I am prone to dwelling on things but on this occasion, the most life changing thing I’ve faced, somehow I took it to heart and I’ve never been angry about it.

Stuff happens and we can’t change the past. Move on.


Thanks for the wise words, you’re correct in that we often can’t change what happens.

As for moving on, I think I’m getting there, it gets easier year by year but I’ve been aware in recent days that it’s been on my mind, which is probably quite natural.

Thanks again for your kind thoughts.

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I am so sorry for your loss.


Sorry for your loss. I’ll just briefly say that its ten years since I lost my Dad due to the neglect of those that we pay who should properly do their jobs at all times.


I almost for to say that’s great to hear. There is nothing greater than your parents. Mum and Dad are everything.


Sadly both gone now (not unexpected at 87 and 89) plus my only sibling (sister) in the last 12 months.

No. Truly sorry for your loss.


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