Happy Birthday George Harrison . .

If anyone asks me why I love music so much, I show them this video:


:small_blue_diamond:Ooops,…Suddenly we have two George Harrison-Threads :wink:.


Terrible loss…fantastic musician and song writer, and such a lovely guy. :heart:

What a guitar solo - Prince is just so under-rated as a guitarist.

Watched this many times but still haven’t worked out where Prince’s guitar goes?

Into the stratosphere!

I thought I caught a glimpse of a stagehand with it post-launch.

Yes his solo is KILLER!

Prince is nice but whenever I am remembering George I play this. Not the for the audio or film quality but the feeling…

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According to a story I read on the ‘Net, Prince would have a guitar tech stationed to catch the guitar when he did this. According to the guitar tech, Prince had told him to give the guitar to Oprah Winfrey this time.
I love the look of joy in Dhani Harrison’s face when he’s watching Prince’s solo.

That’s the story I heard about the ending. But apparently no rehearsals. Mike Mann did a note for note solo,s for the Eric Clspton original, then Prince just blows them all away…I never knew he was that good. Loved the look on the late great Petty as well as Dhani.

Ah very good and yes Dhani’s face is a picture.

I have wondered that very same thing myself as I have watched that video multiple times.

As for GH, I read Chuck Leveall’s book “Between a Rock and Home Place” (recommended) and he was effusive in his praise for George as a person - no ego despite being as big a star as exists in the rock/music pantheon.

Prince was a great musician and guitarist.

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